6 responses to “Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade [Review]

  1. I think this might be my favorite WITTR release, but it’s hard to say. Each one needs multiple listens.

    See them live if possible.

  2. WITTR has a unique sound, really liked their Diadem Of 12 Stars album.. still have to hear this one though!

  3. i think black cascade is right on par with the first 2 wolves albums. it takes a few listens like the other ones to grow on you but after 3+ listens you notice a lot more of the subtle and beautiful complex parts within the almost drone that they create. i have been a die-hard black metal fan for years and theyre one of my favorite bands among the genre hands down. its absolutely true black metal. anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool who doesnt have a thorough understanding of black metal. i can say that without a doubt this is the wolves album i prefer to the others. its faster and straight to the point but without loosing too much of the atmospheric post-metal feel of the others. simply put this is where more black metal bands should be going with their music. ***** out or *****.

  4. great work man 7/10 is good for this album

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