This blog is all about metal and other things heavy. From CD reviews to articles, this blog will cover both unknown and internationally recognized acts and knows no bounds of past, present, or future.

This is the heaviest matter of the universe.

Use the navigation at the top to find things of your interest, or use the list on the right to browse by genre or type of post. Make sure you yell at and insult me on any post that you think I’ve screwed up, or be respectful and provide your thoughtful feedback about our differing opinions – both are very welcome (and I often respond to comments as well).

The posts here may be inconsistent at best, but that’s because I write for three other publications currently: The OurStage Magazine, Dig Boston, and Tastemakers Magazine as a staff writer.

(and yes, before you ask, my blog’s name is a tribute to and/or rip-off of the Gojira song of the same name)