14 responses to “Isis – Wavering Radiant [Review]

  1. For me personally, Panopticon was the best Isis album untill Wavering Rediant. Progressive, but still Post-Metal. That’s It! Period!

  2. i felt wavering radient was a bit of a let down myself. It could be the fact that theyre one of my favorite bands and that i built it up a bit too much in my own head, but i feel that the band havent tried to do anything new here. A lot of the new riffs, vocals etc sound very similar to previous material. but maybe its a grower like In the abscence of truth which didnt impact me instantly. I absorbed it over a period of months and one day there was a clicking noise in my brain and ive loved it ever since!

    • Yeah, It really did not ‘Wow!’ me on my first listen or two. The differences are very subtle. I think you will come to really love this album as you did with In The Absence of Truth

      (also, no worries about the double post, I took care of it)

  3. Looking forward to hearing it. They’ve been putting out some really strong stuff.

  4. When is Godspeed You Black Emperor! Going to get off their asses? Have you heard “Happy Family”, great band from Japan, made two records, eponymous and “Tosco” brilliant. Also, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, another band, is pretty out there. Cuneiform Reocrds and http:// gnosis2000.net have a lot of great suggestions for other perhaps previously untapped metalesque happy times.

  5. You might like Anglagaard which is a Swedish King Crimsonish band from the 1990s that is just about to re-issue their two, very awesome and highly sought by collectors, two album discography. I fucking love bands that make one or two brilliant records that are popular “amongst the subgenre” set and they have the balls to just walk away.

  6. Great record.

    And, Joe Barressi….take a bow. One of the best hard rock and metal producers in the game. The low end on this fucker is immaculate.

  7. FYI, Adam Jones plays on the opening track and on the ambient interlude.

  8. It’s good by not as amazing as the last three Cult Of Luna albums.

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