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Exploding In Sound

There are two types of people who are in the music industry: people who do it for themselves, and people who do it for the love of music. Dan Goldin, creator of Exploding In Sound, is in the latter category. I wish I could say I was exposed to his “brainchild” in a better manner, but I first discovered his website when I noticed it via Twitter, posts that mentioned “Heaviest Matter” and noticed he was spreading the love about Irepress by reposting my post about them.

Initially, I was a bit annoyed – I thought, “How dare he?” but soon realized that this was completely backwards, and completely conceited of me. After all, I really write this blog for the love of music, and other than potentially getting a job – I have no ulterior motives. I initially asked him to not post the article in its entirety, but I would gladly have settled for it simply being attributed to my name (I just want to be recognized for my work). Quickly he responded to my request, and now the article appears only partially, then links here.

Still, I can’t help but feel I handled this incorrectly.

In any case, what he and his team does over at Exploding In Sound is pure, and for the love of music, and I can’t help but feel wrong for impeding on him spreading the love for great music (and the people who are trying to put that music on the map). If you, like me, want a source for getting the scoop on great bands who love what they do – this is certainly one of the best destinations I’ve found. I encourage you all to give his site a look.

Consider this an apology for the error in my ways, I’ve shown exactly what is wrong with “journalists” these days in the blogging community. Next time you’re about to get upset over something so potentially trivial, think to yourself, “What exactly am I doing this for?” – it’s likely not worth ruining a potentially helpful relationship, or preventing the word getting out about a band you love.