Obzerter – Absence of Colour [Review]

Obzerter - Absence of Colour

Remember a time when Static-X was actually a good metal band? Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but at least they were halfway decent and interesting on their first couple albums with whatever style of music you’d pigeon-hole them into. Now imagine if they actually WERE a pretty good metal band, now wouldn’t that be something?

Enter UK-based band Obzerter. About a decade since Static-X’s last decent album (Machine, for those not keeping track), Obzerter has decided to build their throne on top of the foundation they built, and a mighty (albeit short) throne it is. It comes in the form of a five-song EP called the Absence of Color EP. It’s a rather lengthy EP, clocking in at just a pinch over thirty minutes (which is longer than the full album I had as my number one selection in 2008, for comparison’s sake).

While vaguely reminiscent of Static-X on the vocal front, continuing this weak comparison does Obzerter no justice at all. I would also imagine it’s just a huge coincidence that the vocal stylings on this EP are very similar to Wayne Static’s at times. It also does the band no justice because I’m sure there aren’t many people that feel as fondly as I do about Static-X’s first two albums.

Absence of Color is a fairly fresh amalgamation of a lot of very distinct styles of American metal. There’s a distinct feel of the “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” in there with the amount of groove found in each song (even though they’re from London). Tempo changes, different styles of licks and riffs, this album has a lot of stuff on it. Even with the breadth of material this album has, it only loosely fits under the “progressive metal” umbrella.

The production is about what you can expect from an unsigned band recording an EP. It’s not terrible by any means, and the rawness really brings out the ferocity in a lot of the riff and vocal pairings.

Though it’s not the bet EP I’ve ever heard, it at the very least peaks my interests in what’s next for the band. It shows a ton of promise, so long as they can keep the pace. They’ve got plans to re-record Damage and prepare for a second EP. Check out “Absence of Colour” below and share your thoughts below!

14 responses to “Obzerter – Absence of Colour [Review]

  1. Well, I checked this band out and I have to say that they seem to be a tight band although it’s not difficult to edit a messy song to make it sound tight (I wonder how they sound live…). That’s what everybody does anyway. But I’ve got a problem with the general style of the music. They have got a few good riffs (and a few dodgy ones….) but it seems to me that their goal is just to show off their skills and to show that they can jump from one riff to another. I can’t really feel any groove to be honest. It leaves me a bit cold. And then if they want to be a technical band, they are not technical enough, not impressive enough. Although I don’t really like the style of the singing (but that’s just a matter of taste), I think that putting many layers of singing on top of each other sounds good on a recording but can they do that on a stage ? To me the style of that band is from the 90’s, not very fashionable anymore……. It is a band that has the potential to do good music but they need to grow up and stop trying to impress but start thinking about doing good songs.

    • what is wrong with the 90s ? It was rather good time for metal, at least there was no emo shit! It’s not always about being fashionable unless
      you are in the fashion industry šŸ˜€

      • Oh no, nothing wrong with the 90’s, plenty of good stuff from the 90’s (Faith no more, Quicksand, RATM, Tool, Entombed, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves………) but to me this band sounds like a band which just popped out in the 90’s wanting to do the stuff that everybody wanted to do in the 90’s (kind of power metal avoiding 4/4 time signature…..) and it sounds a bit outdated now.

  2. Not bad… Despite the not very exciting Max Cavalera impersonation in the vocal department, this music holds water.

  3. TheMeshuggahzer

    Outdated nu-metal for tasteless poser teens. Seriously, I wonder how it sounds live…

  4. I saw them last year at the Unicorn in London, couldn’t hear the singing really and the little of it we could hear was not of the best taste…. The music was kind of OK but a bit tasteless indeed, the drumming was impressive though.

  5. Not for me………….

  6. Hi , first off all if someone compare it to static x , then he is just a retard deff c..n without any taste .This is really promissing progressive metal bsnd , seen them live and they rock big time ” Maybe not there yet with overall band stage performance , but any fan of sweet crisp riffs will really like them stuff , Recomended !!! and looking forward to see and hear them again.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone! Love to hear people’s feedback on my reviews and the stuff I’m reviewing!

  8. Obzerter is the promising progressive metal band ? We haven’t got the same values… I can’t hear the sweet crisp riffs, sorry. I am probably too old for that…

  9. With another singer maybe. But tight doesn’t obviously mean good.

  10. NorthernTerror

    Read the review, checked the band out, listened to the music and I have to say from what I gather this is there first EP, it’s not epic, but it’s nothing like Static X either. Maybe vocally in some sections/tone wise… prolly more Rob Zombie tone wise… anyways, they have a video on youtube from a gig for a battle of the bands, not bloody bad for a shitty camera!

  11. Why did they change drummer ? The previous one was better I think, more solid and groovy. But now we can hear the singing more, the style isn’t any better though.

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