Welcome to The Heaviest Matter of the Universe

This blog is all about me and my journey through the music world. It used to just be a metal blog where I would display my hackneyed opinions of all sorts of things. Going forward it will be chronicling all of my happenings in the music world, whether it’s album reviews, interviews, blogs about bands I do PR for, etc. you’ll learn all about my musical expeditions.

The posts here may be inconsistent at best, but that’s because I write for two other publications currently: The OurStage Magazine and Under The Gun Review.

(and yes, before you ask, my blog’s name is a tribute to and/or rip-off of the Gojira song of the same name)

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One response to “Welcome to The Heaviest Matter of the Universe

  1. Hi dear Jordan!
    i’m Josef from Iran, and i play drums in “Frequency of Butterfly Wings”, and i could know you from Metal Storm…our debut album “The Butterfly Effect” released on February 2011, and i really like that, if you listen to our music, it would be so good! \m/
    my id in MS: .:Nataras:.
    Official band pages:



    thanks buddy!

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